Hello! Welcome to our blog. We are a family of eight with a passion for traveling and exploring Europe. This blog was created to enlighten and inform other families about how to camp in Europe with their families.
In 2015, we had the desire to go to Europe as a family for the first time. As we started doing some research, we discovered that none of the guidebooks recommended bringing your children along. They sported fancy restaurants, five-star hotels, and wine-tasting. While those things are enjoyable, we only travel with our children. Therefore, if we were going to have a grand adventure in Europe, we wanted our children to come along with us.
As we kept searching for options, we ran into more problems for taking our family of eight to Europe. Hotels are not only expensive, but also usually only accommodate two or three people. Consequently, this meant we would have needed four-expensive-hotel rooms per night. However, like most families, that wasn’t in our budget. We began to wonder if it would still be possible to go all-together? That’s when we found a small paragraph in the corner of one of our guidebooks.
It sported the typical, “leave your kids with grandma,” paragraph, but then said┬áthat European campgrounds are a good option for families. As a result of this little paragraph, we started┬áresearching campgrounds in Europe. There wasn’t much information out there, but we found our answer. This was how we were going to be able to take all eight of us to Europe at an affordable price.
European Camping is all about informing families who want to see the sights of Europe, but not sacrifice their retirement fund doing it. We will show you the best places to stay, where to eat, and most of all: how to camp in Europe. We hope this information is helpful!
Thanks for stopping by!