A Camping Favorite: Camping Fusina

camping fusina
camping fusina

Venice is the beautiful city that the Medici family made their home. Once the center of the ancient world, Venice is built directly on the water. Instead of busy streets with cars, Venice has water taxis and narrow walkways that will take you through the colorful Italian city.

Want to visit the beautiful ancient city of Venice with your family without breaking the bank? When we visit Venice, we stay at a large campground called, Camping Fusina. We love Camping Fusina because it is a short walk and ferry ride away from bustling Venice. Read on to see why we love Camping Fusina!

Name: Camping Fusina

Sleeping Type: Bungalows, pitches

Amenities: Camping Fusina has a small market with friendly staff, restaurant and bar, laundry with multiple washers and dryers, kids play area, great location with a view of the boats passing by, plenty of bathrooms and showers, and is located only a five minute walk away from the ferry to Venice.

Camping Fusina
Camping Fusina

Cost: There are three sleeping options at Camping Fusina. We’ve stayed in both the bungalow and pitch options.

  • A bungalow will cost about a 120 euros a night for six people. It is a very basic mobile home. It has a bathroom, bedding with clean sheets, and has air conditioning. It’s not super fancy or anything, but is a nice place to sleep after a busy day of exploring and traveling.
  • The tent pitch for a family breaks down as follows: one adult-12 years and over-costs €9, a child aged 5-12 costs €5, and under 5 is free). So, if your children are younger it will cost you less. Note: there are not many campers at this campground.
  • The third option is a caravan/mobile unit option. There are many of these at this camping location.
  • Overall note: stating with a car will cost you approximately €50.

Ease of Getting to the City Center: The ferry ride to Venice is only twenty minutes. The last ferry leaves Venice at 8:30 at night.

Location: You are only a short five minute walk to the ferry that takes you to the island of Venice. Excellent location.

Camping FusinaCamping Fusina
Camping FusinaCamping Fusina
Camping Fusina

Why We Recommend Camping Fusina:

  • We love the location of Camping Fusina to Venice. Very convenient!
  • Security is great, they have a 24hr check-in option as well.
  • The staff speaks excellent English.

General Things to Know:

  • There is no WiFi around the campground, but there is Wi-Fi at the bar area.
  • There is no swimming pool, but there is a beautiful play area that younger children will enjoy.
  • This is one of the largest campgrounds that we have stayed at. There are a few younger groups who stay there who frequented the bar late at night. It was very loud until midnight when the bar closed down.

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